BIG Updates for Coverage System App

Top Features

GDD tracking for any model, fully integrated in numerous areas and automatically tracked, no weather station required.
Total Used for any product can be automatically calculated based on Rate of App and converted back and forth on the log.

All new Notifications Center: Alerts for GDD, ReApply Reminders, Low Inventory and Custom Notes.

Quick Data Points section on Dashboard: snapshot charts for Notifications, Nutrients, Cost by Area and Category.

Product Activity History: Track all history of product, both when used and when added to inventory.

Split Application Percentages: Total Used and Cost amounts split by percentage of each area applied on same log, automated. (must send us your acreage)

New bar and pie charts on many reports, Sort by Product Category features on various reports.

Live Chat for quick help now available on Home screen, Dashboard and Application Log.

Plus many, many more smaller tweaks!

We’ll be sending more emails over the winter to highlight specific features of this new build and how they work because it is so extensive.

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